Barrier Busting

The Barrier Busting site and the Sustainable Communities Act are designed to help you get things done for your local community

Barrier busting – we’re here to help

Latest: From 14 October 2013 town and parish councils can use this site to submit proposals under the Sustainable Communities Act.

Many people have great ideas about how they could make their neighbourhood a better place to live.

Are you are a local resident who wants to share your knowledge and experience to help improve the well-being of local people?

Are you a local authority and would like to propose a project under the Sustainable Communities Act 2007 to introduce positive change to the local environment?

Are you a community group or social enterprise and would like to see your ideas become a reality and shape the way services are delivered for the local community?

If you want your voice heard on how these and other local services can be delivered in a fresh and innovative way we want to hear from you.  

We recognise that local communities can inspire and innovate to successfully achieve improvements across a range of areas – including developing small-scale green energy projects; influencing and democratising decision-making on local services and creating educational and training opportunities.

However, there are times when bureaucratic barriers can get in the way of local communities achieving their goals and ambitions. At times unnecessary red tape, outdated rules and regulations can stop local people putting good ideas into action. Not only can this be frustrating – it can mean that local people miss out on taking advantage of opportunities to improve their neighbourhoods.

We are here to help you to overcome these barriers and get things done for your local community.
You can submit your barrier or Sustainable Communities Act case through this barrier busting website and, if it is accepted, track our progress in removing the barrier using our barrier tracker facility.